Dedicated to delivering healthcare business solutions and project management services, while providing the best care for patients.

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About Company

RexRea is a group of business professionals. We are fully committed to facilitating patients coming to Croatia looking for best healthcare available. We also provide business consultancy services for foreign institutions interested in cooperation with healthcare providers and medical facilities in Croatia.

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RexRea is dedicated to delivering the best healthcare business solutions and project management services. We provide solutions to our clients by mobilizing cross-sector perspectives and international expertise.
Main focus is on finding the best care solutions for the patient. Each patient is unique and patients’ well-being is of utmost importance to us. From the initial inquiry to post-procedure, we follow the patients’ progress closely to secure their well-being.

Our services


  • Ophthalmology;
  • Plastic Surgery / Aesthetic Surgery;
  • Dental Surgery / Dentistry;
  • Rehabilitation and Regeneration;
  • Orthopedics;
  • Dermatology, Venereology and Phlebology;
  • Hearing and speech impairment rehabilitation;
  • Autism treatment;
  • Proctology;
Steps in treatment of patients:
  • First contact (via Inquiry Form)
  • Proposal on a medical plan based on information provided by patient
  • Treatment (including medical procedure and post-procedural rehabilitation)
  • Follow-up on patient’s status
RexRea will provide for you:
  • Finding the best health services available in Croatia for patients;
  • Organizing all necessary logistics for patients and their escorts (airport transfers, hotel or private apartment accommodation, Rent-a-car, tourist programs with excursions and sightseeing, additional assistance as required);
  • Assisting with VISA issuing procedures;
  • Translations and interpreting assistance;
  • Post-procedure rehabilitation;


Project management

Effective implementation of health projects by applying specific project management principles. Rely on our full engagement from project planning and project definition through implementation up to project closing

Government relations

By using our long term business experience we are successful in creating business relations between Public Authorities, Corporations and all relevant institutions as requested by the client.

Healthcare consulting

Assessment, presentation, and arrangement of solutions to create a fully client focused organization while maintaining cost-effectiveness and highest level of quality.

Recruitment of Medical Professionals

RexRea provides professional recruiting services of medical staff by having direct access to Croatian, as well as regional medical networks.

Choose Croatia


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A small country with a rich history, Croatia amazes visitors with its wide variety of culture, cuisine, and natural and architectural wonders. We are proud of our cultural diversity and international experience. Croatia is both a Central European and Mediterranean country and is connected with all the major European cities. With daily direct flights from around the world via our national carrier Croatia Airlines, as well as other major international airline companies, Croatia is only a step away. Travelers to Croatia can explore more than its 1.000 islands, taste the freshness of locally grown organic produce, tour privately owned wineries and marvel at the untouched nature. Croatia respects all cultures, religions and customs, when coming to Croatia, prepare only to have your breath taken away.

Tourism tradition

Croatia has more than a 100-year-old tradition in tourism and is recognized within 20 most famous tourist destinations in the world. International patients in Croatia receive consistent high-quality medical care. Croatia has found its place at the very top of medical tourism destinations in Europe thanks to its well developed and sophisticated health care system with a solid track record of safety and quality.

Medical tradition in Croatia

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The Medical School at the University of Zagreb is the oldest medical school in South-East Europe, established in 16th century and currently is the home to approx. 60.000 students Croatia’s medical doctors are highly recognized throughout the EU and the US, due to their world-class qualifications and Croatia’s emphasis on quality medical education and research.

Nursing education in Croatia

Organized care for the patients started in 1845 and the first nursing school was founded in Zagreb in early 20th century. Croatia’s health care system has 30 000 nurses, while more than 7000 of them have college or university professional qualifications.


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Medical clinics and facilities in Croatia have the highest EU standards and qualifications. Croatian Doctors and Surgeons have World class qualifications. Also Clients safety is guaranteed by insurance policies, aligned with EU directives. Our medical facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment.


Price of medical treatments is significantly lower compared to most other European destinations. Patients achieve a significant saving, while receiving the highest standard of quality.


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Croatia’s combination of a mild Mediterranean-Continental climate enables all year round patient care.

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